Data Analysis & Automation

Our Skills

ArcGIS & ArcPy

We’ve helped multiple utilities migrate to Esri’s Utility Network for both electric and gas. We’ve also automated map creation for distribution to field employees for circuit inspections, saving hundreds of GIS technician-hours

Python & Integrations

We’ve brought together custom work management systems, time entry, Maximo, Smartsheet, Microsoft applications, and several others into far more than the sum of their parts through Python and REST APIs

Power BI

We’re Power BI experts, experienced in developing reports that deliver multi-million-dollar insights. Our extensive application development experience helps us pick up your domain-specific knowledge/rules and accelerate the report creation process


Cost Savings

Our job is to make clients’ ROI on our services as high as possible. Work we’ve done on contract compliance validation and automated timesheet audits have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars with just days of effort

Faster Issue Resolution

Through reporting tools and bringing systems together, we’ve helped clients see where their operations are really at, and predict the future. The sooner issues can be found, the less impact they’ll have

Making the Impossible Possible

We were able to help one of our clients speed an electric circuit modeling process up from 320 man-hours/circuit to a mere 5 minutes per circuit. For 500 circuits and 40-hour weeks, we saved them about 77 man-years