Utility Vegetation Management

After years of building web applications for startups, Delphi entered the utility industry as a vegetation management data analysis vendor. Since then, we’ve gone one step further and developed some of the very applications and tools that are used by crews daily to get their work done 

Data Analysis

In vegetation management, half the battle for generic data analysis providers is getting an understanding of the specific challenges utilities and contractors face every day. We know that the true workflow in the field is nowhere near as clean as a process map, and comes with any number of customer issues, hazards, logistical challenges, capital/O&M budget constraints, and all of the other factors that make VM a complex process

Our VM knowledge, combined with our years of experience developing large-scale Power BI deployments for VM data analysis, allows us to track your utility’s operations like never before, letting you be proactive when there are productivity or budget issues before it’s too late

Work Management – Automation and Integration

We’ve brought together custom work management systems, time entry, Maximo, Smartsheet, Microsoft applications, and several others into far more than the sum of their parts through Python and REST APIs

Work Management – Timber

Timber is our flagship system that handles work management, time entry, and billing for utility vegetation management programs. It is a large and complex application designed to handle millions of records