Offering professional tech solutions
tailored for small businesses

We provide a full range of IT, web, and app development services
to small businesses in the SE Michigan/NW Ohio area.

Monroe Auto Service

An auto service shop in Monroe County that provides a unique online scheduling and immediate quote system.

Zodiac Encryption

An in-house project aimed at creating a more secure system of encrypting data in an entirely new way.

Think-Tank Consulting

A fellow consulting group that offers more advanced corporate-level IT services like Active Directory and vSphere setup.

An in-development project that helps plan courses at an ever-growing list of colleges.

Services we offer

Delphi Consulting offers a wide varity of tech services. Below is a breakdown of our most popular ones.
To request a quote or a special project, feel free to contact us.

  • Desktop IT

    We're available to come on-site to solve your business' IT conundrums, or offer support remotely or over the phone.

  • Web design

    We are able to build first-class, clean, and dynamic websites from scratch to meet your organization's exact needs.

  • Network support

    With experience ranging from simple single-router offices to server clusters with hundreds of virtual machines, there's no network we can't handle.

  • App development

    While all websites we design are mobile-friendly, sometimes there is a legitimate need for a dedicated app. At the moment, we are solely liscenced to develop for the Android platform, which makes up >80% of the global smartphone market.

  • Custom solutions

    We can put our years of Windows and Linux admistration, along with all our development experience, to work with your business to create custom in-house applications. Contact us to ask about a project.

  • Server Admistration

    With advanced experience in Windows, Linux, and VMWare-based enviornments, and with our 24-hour on-call support, you can feel confident with Delphi.