Asset Management


Utility Network & UPDM

We’ve helped multiple utilities migrate to Esri’s Utility Network/UPDM for both electric and gas using ArcGIS Pro. Our electric migrations have involved automation of snapping and asset shifts using ArcPy to take the manual tedium out of establishing connectivity

We were able to help one of our clients speed an electric circuit modeling process up from 320 man-hours/circuit to a mere 5 minutes per circuit. For 500 circuits and 40-hour weeks, we saved them about 77 man-years

Automated Mapping

We’ve worked extensively with automating map creation for overhead assets. We’ve developed scripts to create thousands of maps that crews rely on to plan their work, eliminating weeks of manual map creation

Custom GIS

Javascript with OpenLayers & Leaflet

We’ve created fully custom web-based mapping tools using OpenLayers and Leaflet, pulling data from PostgreSQL/PostGIS DBs, SQL Server, and MySQL. We’ve implemented tools that both read and write to the aforementioned sources, as well as custom front ends that can write to ArcGIS Portal feature services

Why Go Custom?

Esri is often an attractive option due to their size and support offerings, but when a large number of users have to be able to edit data, pricing can get exorbitant. With OpenLayers and PostGIS, we’re able to develop GIS tools without requiring per-user licenses, and often with much better performance and flexibility